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The vision of the Massive Multiplayer Online Game “Antreya Chronicles Online” (or ACO for short), is that of a player-driven, sandbox world set in a Mystical, Fantasy and Steampunk-based post-apocalyptic era, on the planet Antreya.

ACO will be a MMO where player actions, lore and events dictate how the world progresses through the eras.

ACO is created to provide an experience which sets it apart from other MMOs currently on the market. The individual player experience will be unique and characters will be free to follow their own path through life. Different from other typical MMORPG games (such as WoW or Star Wars: The Old Republic), ACO is an interactive persistent experience.

ACO will facilitate thousands of players as they explore a mystical post-apocalyptic world, filled with danger and adventure. Unlike other Massive Multiplayer Online Games, however, the players will not follow set paths, but instead, decide their own course of action. Live DM teams will ensure players enjoy unpredictable adventures apart from the normal content, which further both character progression and the world. Live DM team operated events, player interaction, and player run events will add to the list of things that shape the world of Antreya. Everything that happens in the world is in one way or another in the hands of players and sometimes fate.

Players will take on roles and share responsibilities with fellow players to help shape their settlements and communities for a better future. But beware – just as players can choose where to go and how to develop, so will the world evolve in unpredictable ways, be it weather, monsters or other events that occur throughout the world of ACO.

What Antreya Chronicles Online Is Not

There are very few MMOs these days which let you tailor your character the way you want him or her to be, without being limited by classes and equipment. In our vision, a player should be able to develop their character(s) in any way they would like, with few limitations. Reality wise, it would be impossible for a character to know everything and be good at everything. Although players can choose an initial class which gives a character some starting skills and equipment, the course of character development has few limitations. Thus characters are unique and defined by their actions and achievements, be it through hard work, teachings, adventures or perhaps all.

Those who wish can further set their characters apart by using custom commissioned content from the online store to further tailor their character to their wishes. More on this will follow at a later date. In short, it will provide players the opportunity to work together with the design and game teams to tailor a custom character in appearance and skills, with the limitation of game balance. How this will work will be revealed at a later date.

Storytelling Through Live DM Teams

Actions of players and the live DM team play a critical role in how the game world evolves over time. The live DM team uses comprehensive systems to record and see everything that takes place in ACO. It enables them to react to events and record them for use in lore and other mechanics of the game.

The actions of the live DM team takes place on a small and larger scale and could be in the form of individual player quests or larger events, dictating the course and evolution of the world.

Also, environmental events can shape the world in ways never seen before.

Game Design

One of our foremost design goals for Antreya Chronicles Online is to create a world which is truly evolving.

ACO takes a different course when it comes to content from most MMOs. Instead of linear quest lines, it will have some quests which are static in nature, but still react and evolve depending on how the characters and world evolve. The majority of quests are dependent on actions were taken by players or induced by the live DM team. This enables an experience unlike any other MMO. Player actions and event outcomes are recorded and used by the live DM teams to shape history and lore of ACO. Having the highest skill does not automatically make you the best. This goes for both combat and other skills. Character progression is individual and non-linear. Just as ACO changes day by day, so does its populace – be it wildlife, monsters or other things.


ACO’s game design is guided by the following principles and values:

  • World First – Nothing goes into ACO that can detract from the experience of the game world of ACO.
  • Everything Changes – There is little static content in ACO. The world evolves.
  • Lore, Legacy and History Matter – The world changes based on the actions of the players, generating new myths and legends for the world as time passes. Several skills will question or answer a lot of these myths and in turn create new history and myths on their own.
  • Time does not equal success – Playing for a long time does not make you stronger than a new player. It will give you more options. A player who is good at combat will prevail over a player who played longer but is bad at combat.
  • Combat is but a part of the whole – Making a living with combat is as viable an occupation as a merchant or crafter who doesn’t know the front from the back of a sword.
  • Natural character development – ACO focuses on character development not bound to classes or linear and preset paths. The player decides how characters develop over time.


On today’s MMO market the monetizing models used are usually a form of Free-to-Play, Pay-to-Play or some combination. When we look at the design goals of ACO, then one would expect it to be a subscription-based service. We believe, however, that anyone should be able to enjoy the full core game, without having to pay for content. At the same time, as a development studio, somewhere along the line money needs to come into the company to ensure further development and hosting of the game service. Another factor is the quality of the service we want to deliver, and the question of how to provide, ensure and maintain that quality for users all around the world.

Monetizing goals:

  • The core game should be accessible for anyone, anywhere
  • No player should be able to buy an edge over another player
  • Player involvement is important and should be something which can be rewarded

Our monetizing strategy:

Our monetizing strategy will use different channels.

The game will have a special currency which players can buy for real money, or which can be earned in game by being involved in events, time spent in the game and more. We are creating a system which will monitor and record player actions and their effects on the world. Player involvement can also be rewarded by the live DM teams. A player can use this currency to buy special things which are or are not available normally in the game itself.

Some examples:

  • A treasure hunter or an archaeologist may want to hire a form of protection, be it NPC or PC.
  • A merchant may want to ensure a cargo when he ships it from one place to another and ensure a refund if things go terribly wrong.

There are more ways that this special currency can be used. The points are used to measure a player’s investment in the game. A hardcore player can easily build up a large pool of this currency, while the more casual players may choose to buy the currency for real life money.

From time to time, events, quests and other stories will unfold for players which may require the use of this currency. An example is maintaining the standing of a settlement. The effort of how well a settlement is known in the world is reflected by settlement standing. It’s an aspect of a settlement which is fueled by this currency. Apart from currency earned by the settlement (yes, even settlements can earn this currency) it can also be fueled by players who have made this settlement their home.

Real-Life Money Transactions

There are things in ACO for which real money will be charged.

A non-instanced player housing lot will be one of these, mainly because this will be a limited resource in the game. It’s a lot different from the instanced housing; it’s a physical house in the world, which reacts to events happening in the world.

Another example of a real-life money transaction would be the commissioning of custom content or custom events, such as a wedding event.

Special Live DM Servers

The live DM servers will require a monthly subscription. This is due to the fact that live DM teams monitor these servers 24/7. Unlike other servers where no subscription is needed, the subscription on these servers will ensure the participation (investment) of players who want to be part of the ever-changing world and influence the changes over the ages.

Each of these live servers will evolve and create its lore and history much differently than on normal servers. Each of these servers can be seen as its own individual play and even more so than on a normal server, each player will see his or her story take a much more individual shape as the player interacts directly with the live DM teams.

In order to be able to provide these live DM services, a subscription will be needed to ensure the capability of operating these 24/7 teams. We are working on a plan where players can, with the help of our live DM teams, participate on a DM level in events and earn in-game currency when doing so. We understand that there are quite a lot of players who find more enjoyment in playing a DM role, rather than the player role.


  • ACO will be a MMO where player actions, lore and events dictate how the world progresses through the eras.
  • There will be very little static content.
  • Through appearance customization, both at character creation as well as through gameplay features, we achieve a high degree of uniqueness for characters.
  • Spirit beasts and deities play an important part in ACO and in character customization.
  • Players and the live DM team together decide the fate of the world.
  • ACO will be Oculus VR ready. Other brands will follow as fast as we can add support.
  • ACO will be a Free-to-Play game (except for the special live DM servers) primarily making money through online transactions.
  • ACO will use a special currency that can be purchased or earned in-game.
  • Special currency can be used to buy buffs etc. that will help players.
  • Special currency can be used in events and other aspects of the evolving world.
  • Special currency cannot be used to purchase gear or other things to give one player an edge over another.
  • Real money can be used to purchase special currency.
  • Real money can be used to purchase real estate.
  • Real money can be used to purchase commissioned content and events (Such as houses or ships).
  • Real money can also be paid in the form of a subscription to the live DM servers, where live storytellers guide the game experience and work together with players to build custom content, fitted specifically to the state of that server’s world.
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