Antreya Chronicles Online

One of our foremost design goals for Antreya Chronicles Online is to create a world which is truly evolving.

ACO takes a different course when it comes to content from most MMOs. Instead of linear quest lines, it will have some quests which are static in nature, but still react and evolve depending on how the characters and world evolve. The majority of quests are dependent on actions taken by players or induced by the live DM team. This enables an experience unlike any other MMO. Player actions and event outcomes are recorded and used by the live DM teams to shape history and lore of ACO. Having the highest skill does not automatically make you the best. This goes for both combat and other skills. Character progression is individual and non-linear. Just as ACO changes day by day, so does its populace – be it wild life, monsters or other things.


ACO’s game design is guided by the following principles and values:

  • World First – Nothing goes into ACO that can detract from the experience of the game world of ACO.
  • Everything Changes – There is little static content in ACO. The world evolves.
  • Lore, Legacy and History Matter – The world changes based on the actions of the players, generating new myths and legends for the world as time passes. Several skills will question or answer a lot of these myths and in turn create new history and myths on their own.
  • Time does not equal success – Playing for a longer time does not make you stronger then a new player. It will give you more options. A player who is good at combat will prevail over a player who played longer, but is bad at combat.
  • Combat is but a part of the whole – Making a living with combat is as viable an occupation as a merchant or crafter who doesn’t know the front from the back of a sword.
  • Natural character development – ACO focuses on character development not bound to classes or linear and preset paths. The player decides how characters develop over time.
Antreya Chronicles Online