Antreya Chronicles Online

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The magical land of Antreya used to be known as a land of peace. The civilians were a balanced mix of Reyt, Siopus and Minoseus who had worked together to improve living. All this ended the day they started to be ravaged by creatures known as Spirit Beasts. These beasts destroyed cities, villages, caravans, travelers and nearly wiped out civilization! In these tough times, the citizens had broken into factions, each with their own beliefs: Trelys, Resuin and Vyrocin.

Then, one day the most powerful followers of the gods, known as The Saints, worked together in this time of need and found a great magical force they could unleash by mixing the powers within their abilities. Although they did not know of the unforeseen consequences of these actions, they approached the Spirit Beasts in a great battle, assisted by The Elite Nine, followers of The Saints, and this battle ended in a bright golden flash.

Once all was cleared, only one of The Saints remained: A Reyt from the Vyrocin faction. The air stood still as all on the field stared in wonder of the new lifted land mass that floated above the grounds, suspended upon a blue mist that encircled the perimeters of the floating land. All eyes refocused on the ground as the Reyt approached the Spirit Beast, a dragon that was only visible due to his silver silhouette, who stood in the center. The Reyt placed his hands on the Spirit Beast and after a moment of touch between the two, a bluish-green light burst from within the two and they became one; changing the form of the beast through the fusion with the Reyt. He now had a set of golden-brown wings, which he used to fly to the new land above while the remaining beasts and Great Nine from the battle had went their separate ways to their homelands, the fusion of the Reyt and Spirit Beast creating a silent contract of peace and acceptance.

This was the beginning of a new age in Antreya…

Antreya Chronicles Online