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In the land of Antreya, the people worked together to improve their civilization. Every day showed new challenges and progress toward life improvement, such as learning the magic of the land and how they could use it to make ease of their everyday living tasks and activities.

Conflicts ran low, with only the occasional fight breaking out, and crime rate was practically non-existent. There were no factions, only populated areas full of Siopus, Reyt, and Minoseus Antreyans living and working collectively.

The most popular job of the time was farming. Corn, wheat, and sugar were the most important crops grown. Farmers turned out to be mostly Reyts, but there were still plenty of Siopus and Minoseus farmers, as well. The stock trade was flourishing with all the food, and the economy was stable enough that all citizens lived comfortably with a roof over their heads.

The travelers would make a new journey each week, traveling to a new city and passing by many villages to offer goods from the farmers, craftsmen, and fishermen to sell at reasonable—and often cheaper—prices. The job usually came with risk, but with the peaceful status Antreya was in, the travelers had a carefree attitude and often wouldn’t hesitate to take up a job . . . at least, up until the first disappearance.

After over a year of peace residing over the land, reports started coming in. They would hear of travelers never reaching their destination, caravans and carriages abandoned or destroyed, left on the road with all the belongings still scattered around but not stolen. The people didn’t know what was worse: the fact that people were disappearing or that there appeared to be no motive for the attacks.

More and more disaster scenes were found and reported over the couple weeks following the first disappearance, and then the true terror began. Without any warning, destruction began to commence in the largest city known as Atogmarah. A giant hole had caved in on the surrounding defense wall with one swift movement, and then people began to be killed by an unseen attacker. Through the chaos, the people weren’t able to help anyone other than themselves. Mothers who tried to gather their families to escape were often crushed along with the children. The only people to  survive were the ones who looked out for themselves and the lucky few families that lived on the other side of the city.

It took mere hours for the entire city to crumble before their eyes, finalizing the defeat with the fall of their central tower. This was the beginning of the fall of Antreya. Unsure what had just happened, or how to fight back, the citizens settled with the fact that they must travel to a nearby town and seek a new start, as well as warn them of what was happening.

A month had passed since the attack on Atogmarah, and many villages had fallen victim to the same fate. With the population dwindling and the races beginning to blame each other for the attacks, chaos ignited within the few cities that remained. After months of fighting each other, they separated into three factions: Trelys, Resuin and Vyrocin. Each faction was based on a different belief system and mindset, allowing any like-minded citizens in, regardless of race. Then, hope reigned.

A small group of people, led by nine magic masters who each passionately followed one god of Antreya, began to study and discover what was causing these attacks and what could be done to prevent further destruction and death. After being noticed by the remaining citizens of Antreya and being called the “Saints” by some and the “Great Nine” by others, the nine leaders and their followers found a place to practice a mixture of magic they hoped could stop the beasts.

It took only weeks for the Saints to find the answer to this mess, but the consequences remained unforeseen. They had found a way to use the magic within them and mix them together, creating an ultimate oprim attack. The followers of the Great Nine had been studying the locations and movements of the beasts, which they referred to as “Spirit Beasts” due to their characteristics and abilities. They never discovered where the beasts had come from, but they did learn of a meeting, of sorts, that took place with all reported beasts of the land.

On the day of the Spirit Beasts’ gathering, the Great Nine approached the sacred land with their followers to use their newfound strength to stop this once and for all. They chanted quickly in a few different languages, and it all ended with a bright yellow flash. The remaining followers looked around and found that the Spirit Beasts remained, yet all but one of the Saints had vanished. The remaining saint was Ryol, a Reyt within the Vyrocin faction who followed the god known as Cheity. Unsure what to do next, the followers attempted to attack the beasts with their own abilities. However, they quickly found that they no longer possessed any magical properties. It was as though all the oprinom crystals they had gathered for this battle were suddenly drained.

As they began to look around for options, one Siopus shouted “Above us! This can’t be real!” All looked up, including the beasts, to see a newly created land floating in the sky. It was held up by a large, blue, sparkling mist none had seen before.  Everyone’s attention returned to the ground at the sound of Ryol, the sole remaining Saint, chuckling.

Fear struck the remaining followers, as they expected doom to follow their actions. At least, until they realized Ryol and one of the beasts had yet to break eye contact. He walked up to the dragon in the center and laid his hand gently on its neck. The followers spat out audible gasps. That was when everything changed, and the rebirth of Antreya began.

Ryol touched the spirit beast and continued to stare it in the eyes before slowly turning back to his team with a smile. “It is time for the Antreyan citizens to unite and begin building once more,” he began as all eyes were focused on him. “I have come to an understanding with Lycrovyx, the dragon with whom I have grown a fond connection, and the dragons have agreed to stop the attacks. She does warn of other beasts that do not agree, but through knowledge will come peace.”

Frozen, the followers of the Great Nine stared at him with horror in their eyes. It wasn’t until the remaining hidden Spirit Beasts made themselves visible, nodded to each other, turned, and left in different directions that the followers believed the statement.

With cheering, they turned to leave as well. But as Ryol attempted to walk away from Lycrovyx, he once again stopped and turned to the beast. Silence fell and their eyes met. Then, in front of all the beasts and followers, Ryol, the Vyrocin Reyt, and Lycrovyx, the dragon Spirit Beast, both began to glow a bluish-green color. Once the glow faded away from them, they  began to take on new features.

Ryol began to develop marks of a dragon, sprouting similar horns and gaining scales that matched the brownish-gold tint of Lycrovyx. In turn, Lycrovyx had gained the marking of the Vyrocin faction upon its chest and grown flowing silver-brown hair that matched that of Ryol’s.

Without another word, Ryol climbed on Lycrovyx’s back, turned, and flew away from the scene, heading toward the new land in the sky. The followers, unsure of what else they could do, turned and headed back to the homeland to inform the people of the recent events.

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