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Reyt – Masters of Archery

The Reyt people are of magical, ancient descent. They spend their childhood learning to defend themselves with distance, using carved bows and arrows made of Yew and Maple. They were excellent farmers and have a natural understanding of Nature. While no particular god was favored by the people as as whole, they had a distaste for Nuesta and Hurdes. Those who followed them were often considered rebellious and misguided. These people liked to gather in groups for collaborative study and learned their lessons of life from their Elders.

Siopus – Masters of Defence

The Siopus people were mostly carefree and adventurous. They had an extreme confidence that allowed most to be travelers and guards. They are raised with the focus on battle, using a shield for blocking and attacking. They used a mix of any weapon and are encouraged to practice with a variety. They had a favorite choice god, Xezrys, and believed him to be the most powerful god. Although, nobody discussed their god of choice as the topic often turned hostile if views are opposed.

Minoseus – Masters of Offense

The Minoseus people favored the underground and solitude life. While they were sharp with wits, they preferred not to socialize with others. Often keeping to themselves, they spent their time studying magic and history while completing and mastering the manual labor work of digging, mining and building. Their constructions were of statues, often to idolize their idea of what their favored god would look like, and huts big enough to house only one Minoseus. Even though the conflict was low as these people would rather turn a cheek than fight, they are raised with the most fierce battle tactics. The strategies of their fight style is often brutal and unforgiving.


All races have an agreed age of 12 years before the individual is to pick a faction. The reason for this is that once you pick your faction, you can not change it. Their choice must be pondered and selected carefully.


The Trelysian people are somber and mysterious. Mostly keeping to themselves, the world of Antreya knows little of them and their culture. What is known is that they have a fond ability with Nature and traits similar to that which is found in Forest and Plain style regions. They are known to perform rituals of unknown nature and have been seen around a “glowing green energy.” While nobody knows what this energy is, what it will or can do, nor how they have gained the ability, one thing is for sure; it’s not of mortal nature.


The Ruze people are those of the obnoxious and belligerent type. Known to incite chaos in the lands of which they wish to control, the Resuin enjoy to keep versatile in style. Unknown to which ability they would control is the first factor that makes those around them uncomfortable. Naturally disliked, the Ruze people tend to worry about only their kind of people with a few rare exceptions.


The Vyrocin entities are known for chaotic peace. They do not wish to be a part of any wars, but have no problem pushing back. Mastering the Spirit ability through critical, strict training given to the ancestors by their god, Daemones, the Vyrocin are able to become fond of their abilities very quickly. Due to deity rules, no Vyrocin is a true master without a Spirit Beast binding.

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