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General Questions

What is Antreya Chronicles Online?

Antreya Chronicles Online is an in-development MMORPG based in a fantasy, steampunk, post-apocalyptic setting. ACO will feature different ages as the game progresses, through both player and live DM storytelling.

What will it cost?

ACO will be mostly free to play, but live DM games are available by paying a subscription. The subscription service will be available initially in Europe, the US and Asia. Early access during development will mostly take place on subscription based servers as we develop and test our live DM team tools.

ACO will also feature an in-game store, comparable to the current add-on store on our website. The monthly fee for the subscription servers will be announced closer to the release of the game.

ACO will give players the ability to request for custom commissioned content which is purchased. Custom commissioned content is comparable to, for example, the housing provided in the highest two pledge tiers. As long as the requested content fits in the world it can be requested, for a price. The exact price will depend on the size and gameplay related features. Examples would be custom housing, settlements, events with custom content and more. Note: More information concerning custom commissioned content, including pricing, will be released at a later date. Keep an eye on the news section of the ACO website.

When will it be available?

The development is not yet at a stage where we can set a fixed release date. Watch this space!

What platforms do you intend to target?

ACO will initially be available on Windows, with XB1 and PS4 to follow. ACO will also be distributed via Steam. We are still investigating releases for the Mac and Linux platforms.

What will the system requirements be?

The system requirements will likely change during development. Minimum specifications will be provided closer to game launch.

What is a live DM?

DM stands for Dungeon Master. You can compare the live DM teams to the traditional dungeon masters in tabletop roleplaying games. The DM acts both as a referee as well as a storyteller. This unique feature enables custom content to be created at any point in time and it enables non-linear growth on these servers.

While the free servers will depend mostly on the growth caused by player involvement alone, the live DM teams will actively be involved in the events happening through the world. Therefore, each individual subscription server will, over time, develop completely differently from any other server. These teams will be watching every subscription server, possessing NPCs, creating new quests, adventures and much more, on a scale never before seen in an MMO.

Why are live DMs only available on subscription servers?

The DMs work around the clock on the content for the servers they manage. Unfortunately it is impossible to have a group of people working on this without compensation.

How can I help?

ACO is a crowd funded game. You make a direct monetary contribution by pledging. We would also like to make use of crowd sourcing and are currently investigating feasibility of this feature. If implemented, you could help by submitting content compatible with the UE4 engine. (art, sfx, music, etc.). Submitted content when approved would enable the submitter to choose a form of compensation. This could take form of real or virtual currency. Once we have more information on this, we’ll announce it on the website news section.

If you think you have the skills to join the core team, get in touch with us!

Finally, join the steam group! One of the best ways you can help us is to increase our player base. Please spread the word to your friends, family and social contacts to come join us in ACO.

What is the storyline?

Please check the “Lore” section of the site.

What can my character do in the game?

Players will enjoy a rich story line which, depending on if you are on a subscription server, can be very different from any other.

Players will play in a living sandbox RPG-like environment, where the world around them can change as a result of player actions, DM team actions or through the game systems themselves. Characters can specialize in a wide range of combat and non-combat related skills provided by a classless skill system, as well as enjoy full-featured crafting, settlement and housing mechanics. The Spirit Essence system will provide a new gameplay experience where your character can take on traits from bonded spirit beasts. All this is amplified by the music score system employed by spirit mages giving excess to many more possibilities and even combining skills, abilities and more.

How violent/dark is the game?

While the theme of ACO is a post-apocalyptic world where life is harsh, nature has in many places been altered by the spirit beasts. You will see overgrown ruins, beautiful vistas, and many mystical places among the otherwise dark and forlorn landscapes.

What do you mean by sandbox MMO?

Sandbox MMOs are different from other MMOs in that travel is free. There are no set courses, fast traveling options etc. In ACO, traveling will be an adventure on its own, with a multitude of possibilities and events that could take place at any time.

What do you mean by living world game?

The systems in ACO change the world and every NPC that lives in it. Just like normal players, the NPCs in the world will go about their own daily business, while events (caused by players, the live DM team as well as world systems) make sure the world itself changes over time.

Why crowdfund the game?

Crowdfunding allows us to work directly for, and with, the player. It enables a form of development where decisions are not imposed by large publishing corporations. Instead, we can make ACO the game we envision it to be.

How far does player customization go?

One of the most important things in ACO is the story and fiction. Everything in the world should keep to the sense of immersion. Customization for characters, settlements and homes alike are on the top of our list and all will have a large range of customization options to achieve as much uniqueness in the world as possible, while staying true to the sense of immersion.

The systems which govern character appearance, especially in the case of Spirit Mages, take this a step further. Next to the initial customization of a Spirit Mage character, the bonding of spirits influences the appearance of Spirit Mages. These characters will change over time to take on traits dominantly seen in their bonded spirits. This effect influences both general character appearance, but also finds its way into the appearance of Spirit Armor and Spirit Mage powers.

Will multiple games be set in Antreya?

ACO is set in a universe where multiple stories are taking place. There are several games and storylines based on this universe, which are planned and will be added to pledge rewards at a future time. Many of the games will intersect the MMO timelines and events taking place in those games will affect the MMO world. More on this will follow at later dates.

The first of these games, Antreya Chronicles “Survival” is planned for a release close to the beta access of the MMO. The other games will be released approximately each year, but will be dependent on the MMO progress through the ages. We don’t want Lore and Stories that are taking place to provide spoilers to either the MMO or the other games.

Note: The development and release of these games are dependent on the success of the funding campaigns for ACO. Please watch the news section of the website for more information once released.

Will there be PvP?

Yes, there will be PvP options available. PvP will range from small encounters to inter-settlement warfare. Once we are further into development, we will hold online and offline discussions with the community on how to best implement these and stay true to the core survival and social aspects of the game.

Can I talk to NPCs?

Talking to NPCs will be dynamic. We are designing a system where responses of NPCs are part of their emotional state, karma and personality traits, as opposed to limited by a few preset options.

How will travel work?

ACO does not use instant travel. All travel will be done real time. Mounts later on in the game will speed up travel times, but it will be up to the player how to get from point A to point B.

How can I contact you?

To contact us, please send an email to antreyachronicles.online@gmail.com

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