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Antreya was a world filled with magic and its magic was granted by deities. Although only a few were capable of actually manipulating magic in a high degree. Deities favored some of the populace more than others. Each deity has its own faction among those they favor.

After the events decades ago, there are now three main factions on Antreya.

Just as with creating a dynamic and living world, we believe the player character’s appearance and how these are influenced will add to the depth of Antreya Chronicles. We do not want to follow in the footsteps of most MMO’s, where players can choose from a multitude of options, but are always bound to their races customization options.

Each faction has a multitude of customization options, but it doesn’t stop there.

Character’s appearance can be influenced by the karma system and deities, and over time character’s will look somewhat different from how they looked before.

With some factions these changes become all the more apparent. An example would be a character with a bonded spirit beast. Over time the character will be influenced from the spirit beasts and the character’s overall look and feel will change. Such influences not only affect the characters skills, but also its traits.

Characters will respawn upon death, but there will be consequences when characters die. These consequences will vary depending on how their character perished and will range from statistic reduction to crippled characters in need of healing and more.

Beginning classes in Antreya have a direct influence on a starting character, but are not permanent. Players can always change based on deity or bonded spirit beasts.

The way these systems work give players the choice to mix and match whatever they want for their characters, but the ultimate effects might turn out differently based on affinities, traits or plain chance.

Even though we are still investigating and balancing some of these features, at this point in the development it is already clear that character creation and subsequent development of a character is a game in its own right.

Player can in general only create a single character on a server. There will be different methods to acquire additional character slots. Pledge rewards, in game quests and other methods will be available for players to obtain additional character slots. More on this will follow as we get closer to the launch of Antreya Chronicles Online.


Race and Sub-Types

ACO characters generally belong to a faction with several race options. Each race has different statistics and will evolve in a different way.

  • The Factions are:
    • “Trelys” (Tray-Liss)
    • “Resuin” (Rez-ooh-een)
    • “Vyrocin” (Vi-Ro-Sin)
  • There are several starting races to choose from. More races will be revealed during the course of development. Each race has its own racial characteristics.
    • “Siopus” (Sigh-Oh-Pus)
    • “Reyt” (Rate)
    • “Minoseus” (My-No-See-Us)
  • Characters will be limited in number for players. Only one can be created on a single world. Pledge rewards, online store and live DM team are possible ways to change the number character slots for a player on a single world.
  • Players will have a large amount of freedom to tailor their character to their wishes.
  • Character appearance changes in time depending on several factors. The effects on the resulting character can be wide spread.

Character Creation

Character creation in ACO will give the players a lot of freedom to customize their characters.

  • Upon character creation, the player will need to choose a race and starting class.
  • The appearance of a character can be influenced by karma, deities and bonded spirit beasts.
  • Custom Content will be made available in the store for those players who wish to add more appearance specific changes to their characters. Please note however that this is for appearance only at this time.
  • Characters age as they grow older; it also affects their look and feel. When characters become powerful enough they can undergo specific quests and trials to obtain a special status in the game. This status also affects the appearance of the character.
  • Characters which bond with spirit beasts will inherent traits from these. These traits will have a widespread effect on the character and can affect things like appearance, skills and statistics.

Character Development

ACO is a game of immersion and freedom of choice. We feel that characters should change over the course of time. This will be reflected for all character types in different ways.

  • Dying in ACO means your character respawns, but penalties will be inflicted which can differ in severity.
  • Bonded spirits will affect the development of a character in different ways.
  • Development of characters is non-linear and different for each character type.
  • All character types are important for the survival and operation of sky cities.
  • There are many different skills that characters can train in. some skills use time-based training, while others increase by usage or experience.
  • Traits and perks will also play a role in character development and are obtained in varying ways.
  • Character development and other aspects of character skills will have effects on settlements of all types.
  • Characters will need to perform varying quests during their development. Think of these as a form of tests or ceremonies.
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