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My name’s Lars, and I’m your new lead web developer! It’s great to be onboard and to contribute to the development of this exciting project. In this post I wanted to introduce myself and talk a bit about the website.

The website is an important part of the game experience. The team has done some great work so far, but I believe the site can be so much more. Over the coming months you’ll gradually start to notice some changes around the place, to help facilitate a number of goals/outcomes. These are:

  • To ensure the site runs well for all users, including those who might have slow internet or mobile browsers. The website needs to keep running well even if a large number of users start playing the game or visiting the site.
  • To help you learn more about the game. We want a site that people can find and get excited about. The website is a key part of the overall marketing plan for the game and so it’s important that the site conveys the same tone as the game itself.
  • To help people play and enjoy the game. For example, we aim to include an online profile system and online shop, so you can engage with the community as a whole. Prepare to get social!
  • And more…

While what we have is a solid start, you can probably tell there’s work to be done. I imagine this being the premier site that other game companies look to and think “we should have a site like that”. Which means being bold and innovative beyond these basic core requirements.

I’ll keep you posted regularly on significant changes that are happening around the site on this news page. Thanks for reading and I’ll write to you again soon!

Written by ACOadmin

Antreya Chronicles Online