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Good day dear followers

We hope you are all well and excited to hear about our latest developments. There has been non-stop work being put into the development of your upcoming epic fantasy MMO, Antreya Chronicles. The tutorial section of the game is currently under development now that all the quests have been written by the Creative Writing team. As this section is being worked on, the writing for the next part of the game continues. Seven questlines, or chapters, have been completed, which will also be featured in a game book that will be published called “Heroes of Antreya – The Journey Begins”.

We also have some new media to share. Videos have been completed by the Production team showing the work in progress, as well as the day-night cycles. We have included some concept art from the 2D Graphic Design Team, as well as images from the 3D Graphic Development team.

We really hope you enjoy these new videos and images. 


Kind regards

Shaun M Jooste

Assistant Writer & Web Content Admin

Antreya Studios

Written by Shaun Jooste

Antreya Chronicles Online