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Hello all and welcome back to the Antreya website! While it may not be immediately obvious, we have made some changes that we believe will make it easier for you to learn about what you need and/or would like to know about Antreya Chronicles without overloading you with too much information. We have also gone through and simplified the pages to be more direct rather than constantly leading to more pages.

While it would appear that we have been pretty inactive based on our website, it has been the complete opposite of that in fact! We have been continuing to keep an active team and adding members every month to continue to projects progress. If you head over to “The Team” page under the Community tab, you will actually get to see the currently active team members working on bringing Antreya to reality. We are currently looking into getting an early access version of Antreya Chronicles Online soon and hope to have more details on this within the next couple of months.

We have posted more updates, including starting a series of Devlogs, on our IndieDB page rather than here, but we will be sure to keep you updated more directly through the website moving forward. We also have a Facebook, and Twitter page that you can follow for consistent updates; both of which can be found under our game statement on the home page or at the bottom of every page on the site.

If you would really like to get involved with the Antreya community, then we suggest that you join our Discord server by clicking here.


We are looking forward to getting Antreya Chronicles Online out for our audience to enjoy and hope that our excitement is matched by the community! Stay tuned for further updates now that things have been re-organized and brought back into focus.

Good day dear followers

We hope you are all well and excited to hear about our latest developments. There has been non-stop work being put into the development of your upcoming epic fantasy MMO, Antreya Chronicles. The tutorial section of the game is currently under development now that all the quests have been written by the Creative Writing team. As this section is being worked on, the writing for the next part of the game continues. Seven questlines, or chapters, have been completed, which will also be featured in a game book that will be published called “Heroes of Antreya – The Journey Begins”.

We also have some new media to share. Videos have been completed by the Production team showing the work in progress, as well as the day-night cycles. We have included some concept art from the 2D Graphic Design Team, as well as images from the 3D Graphic Development team.

We really hope you enjoy these new videos and images. 


Kind regards

Shaun M Jooste

Assistant Writer & Web Content Admin

Antreya Studios

Antreya Chronicles Online

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