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Xezrys {Zez-riss} – Lightning

Xezrys is a humble god that only takes the credit he feels that he deserves from his actions. He is known to cause thunderstorms when angered, yet has a preferred taste for those who challenge his wishes. Always curious to see what the Antreyan’s wish for and what they would do to earn their wishes, he likes to give tasks that push the citizen to their limit in order to complete.

Prine {Per-I-en} – Solar

Prine is often spiteful of the Antreyan’s who are often smiling and happy. The care free expressions cause him to want to darken the land and remove the warm embrace of the sun’s solar energy. He spends a lot of his time finding ways to use light against Antreyan’s, but find admiration in those bold enough to attempt through his puzzles and challenges. With the admiration, he grants the use of his energy to the talented successor.

Yotas {Yoh-Taz} – Water

Yotas is a quiet god who spends her time observing the citizens of the sea. She doesn’t pay attention to the problems of the land due to her obsession with caring for the seas and open waters. She loves to watch Antreyan’s sail through the waters on their boats and seeing the good in life below, but when the waters are disrespected, her rage is shown to have no mercy. Tsunami’s, uncontrollable waves and creatures of the deep are known to be used as weapons against those who have unleashed her wrath.

Cheity {Ch-ah-tea} – Nature

Cheity is a soft hearted god that likes to invent and grow various plants that can aid various living creatures of Antreya. Her focus is less on the Antreyan’s and more on the care of the animals that aren’t as smart as the citizens and making sure they have the life needed to prosper and grow in numbers. She did spend most of her beginning stages making seeds for fruits and trees with unknown properties and characteristics to the citizens and gave no instruction. Still unknown is her reaction to a disrespect in nature; at least, unknown to anybody still walking the land.

Nuesto {New-St-Oh} – Darkness

Nuesto is a maniacal god that enjoys playing, what he calls, pranks on the Antreyan’s. He is known to incite trouble between people of various professions and is a master of illusion. Creating mirage’s and putting evil dreams into sleeping victims, he brings the darkness to not only the sky, but to moods and relationships between citizens. When angered he is known to remove light from the site of the one who has angered him, left to find a way to bring retribution to him as repent for what they have done.

Wenulys {Win-you-liss} – Poison

Wenulys is a deceitful god, and she often finds joy in those who betray and poison with their words and ill intent. The poisons that can be extracted from plants, roots and venomous beasts were infused in them by her, much to Cheity’s distaste. Similarly, she is therefore able to extract or provide cures for the poisons, and is worshipped as much by venomous followers as by medical healers or alchemists.

Hestiph {Hess-Tiff} – Fire

Hestiph has the dual nature of purity and destruction. He often presents himself within flames to those who call, or through fire elemental beings. He believes that he is a good deity, using the cleansing power of fire to burn away impurities. Antreyans see him as a force of evil, mostly due to his seemingly destructive nature. Secretly he believes himself to be above all the other deities, including Criator, and envisions cleansing Antreya through eternal fire.

Drundyn {Der-un-den} – Spirit

Drundyn is the Mother of Life and an invisible deity, even to her fellow deities. She can phase into physical form, but mostly chooses to float in her effervescent form in the sacred skies where she guards the souls of the dead. She grants non-elemental spiritual abilities (telekinesis, telepathy, restoration, etc) to those who worship her, while providing reincarnation to souls who are destined for great things on Antreya. When her wrath is enthralled, she or her followers can entrap souls in order to torture or interrogate them.

Hurdes {Her-de-es} – Death

Hurdes is the gatekeeper of the sacred skies and a guide to those that have passed on. He is a cruel god, and his personal motives may sway his decision to aide either side of good or evil, for he aligns to neither and rules over both. His dark imagination creates deathly creatures that he sends forth to Antreya to attack the inhabitants, while granting the power of necromancy to his followers. He has the power to smite Antreya with death and plagues, but is held in balance by Drundyn’s love and life.

Criator {Cry-A-tore} – All Knowing

Criator only answers to the high priests of the temples. While it has its own temple, it will answer to all who call to him from any of the temples of its created children. It does not observe the land nor the actions of the citizens, but instead simply awaits for the day that it will be needed for another great battle with any of the gods who try to step out of line. There are no known characteristics regarding personality, gender, nor reactions to the citizen’s actions yet.

Praemortem – Chaos

Praemortem is the vilest evil in all of Antreya and the Chasm in which it lives. All it knew before Criator left the Chasm was to destroy all that was created. Spending all the time in the Chasm, while Criator lived within its realm of Antreya it created, it craves the need to destroy and has continued to plot on how it will destroy Antreya. Planting its Book of Ragberyss through the portal before it closed behind Criator, it awaits the day the Antreyans summon it through the ritual.

Chasm – Realm that Criator came from and Praemortem was left in

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