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The Unique Mind of the REYT

Reyt’s are commonly considered the mystical race within Antreya. While both Siopus and Minoseus have the brute strength to handle most scenarios, a Reyt tends to lean more on the witted side of things. Obstacles and troubles that lie before them are attacked with a well thought out plan or strategy, even when the issue is small or insignificant. The reason Reyt’s do this is to keep their minds sharp and maintain self-discipline that attributes to their keen connection with the mysterious energy in Antreya known as Oprinom.

Not only are they more attuned with Oprim’s mystical essence, but they are also currently the leading race of philosophers throughout the land. This high level of intelligence and dependence on their wit over strength is what makes them the more powerful magic users as well. While many Antreyans, if not all of them, can use the power of Oprinom to their advantage in one way or another, Reyt’s have a natural ability to use the energy much more efficiently and thus improve their magical skills faster than the other races.

Because of their natural connection with Oprinom and their higher intelligence, Reyt’s are drawn towards the Vyrocin faction. It is the combination of both being a Reyt and a member of the Vyrocin faction that brings out the character within themselves and built connection with Antreya’s mystical energy that makes them the most likely Antreyan to ever bond with a Spirit Beast throughout their lifetime.

As Oprim is an essence of Antreya’s nature, it flows into the abilities and strengths of a Reyt. Connecting with nature comes just as easily to them as does their connection to Oprinom itself. Because of this connection that they have, they are able to withstand weathers and climates from both spectrums of drastic degrees making travel between a winter climate and that of a desert climate seemingly indifferent to them.

Using a mixture of their natural connections, Reyt’s find themselves unhindered by the appearance of storms and weather-based attacks. This fact has been proven to the point that it isn’t uncommon to see Reyt’s meditating outside through a heavy thunderstorm, blizzard, and even sand storms.

The Headstrong Attitude of the SIOPUS

The race with possibly the worst reputation is the Siopus. Known to be brutish and act by using tactics of force and might, being quick to anger, and often very proud of the decisions they make regardless of it being the right choice or not, there isn’t a good start for Siopus – even before they complete The Faction Trials. However, there is a lot of good that comes from the Siopus race through their unpopular inherited lifestyle.

The common Antreyan would find themselves in a conundrum every time a Spirit Beast showed up if it weren’t for the actions taken by the Siopus people. While that is the biggest obstacle that they help tackle with their up front and aggressive battle tactics that have helped maintain multiple attacks from claiming three, if not four, times the number of casualties they already did take. There is still the multitude of talents and skills that come from the aggressive Siopus people that the mystical Reyt’s and defensive Minoseus’ have.

The strategies it requires to pull off an aggressive assault, even when ambushed, takes pre-meditated and planned tactics. Training every day, meeting up for sparring in their spare time, and constantly working out by pushing themselves with each build, the Siopus have come up with answers to thousands of battalion scenarios while building everything that makes the city thrive. Markets, boats, carts, buildings, houses, weapons, gear, armor, and so much more is all the work of the Siopus. A new strategy for another “what if” ambush scenario being fine-tuned as they lift bricks and swing their hammer.

Now only do they use every ounce of their energy to better themselves every day, they do so in a constructive way that benefits all those around them. Siopus are known to thrive and live for the sight of battle, covering their blades in the enemy’s blood, and cheering as they watch the life leave their eyes while knowing that these are the actions taken to keep the Antreyan race moving forward.

The Sheltered Marvels of the MINOSEUS

On the surface, it would seem like there isn’t much to the Minoseus society. With tiny abodes and an even smaller appearance in town squares, the Minoseus keep to themselves, living their sheltered lives away from others.

However, this simply hides a race that has a very rich culture. Despite their high intellect and wit, they prefer this solitary life over socializing with others. Their time is best spent extensively studying magic and the beauty of Oprinom. Tied to this is the love of mining and the discovery of unique crystals, precious stones that they believe hold certain powers.

The Minoseus have a reputation for being renowned historians. Many of their scholars make it their life’s work to record events, which are then passed down to their sacred library of tomes. These are hidden deep in their mountain cities, along with so many treasures rumoured to be protected by stone guardians.

Their love for knowledge, magic and their silent intelligence is further complemented by their hardy commitment to physical labour. Much of what has been mined, such as precious stones and ore, are traded from the Minoseus. Their strength and toughness arise from their years of excavation, mining, and construction of their cities in the mountains. Children are trained from a young age by a mixture of physical labour and combat training.

Despite their deep-rooted study of magic, the Minoseus race has a high reliance in offensive weapons, such as two-handed axes, mauls, and shields. Their blacksmiths are renowned for making some of the strongest armour and weapons in the land. Strangely enough, a Minoseus would sooner turn away from a fight than encourage one, believing it a weakness to resort to violence. However, should they be convinced to fight, they have the fiercest battle tactics that are often brutal to witness.

Due to their inclination towards solitude, Minoseus usually find the Trelys faction to be more pleasing. They share the same mysterious qualities, and a Minoseus Trelys are the most secretive people you will ever find. They would prefer to create an abode in a rat-infested cave for themselves than reside in a city.


The Philosophy of the VYROCIN

The Vyrocin faction was initially created by the Atogmarah High Council’s Reyt members. They believed firmly in the power of mind over strength and that those who would rather debate with those who oppose them show a higher standard of morale than that of the more brute-like instincts. Placing importance in meditation, methodically planning all potential battles, and having a very adept connection with nature, including both the Oprinom energy and the power given from the gods. The most noticeable aspects are their level of patience with others as they tend to keep a calm mind and even temper whether in a light-hearted conversation or an offensive, haughtily argument.

There was always a firm belief that having this sort of bond with nature is the true reason the great Ryol could bond with the priestess Spirit Beast, Lycrovyx. This belief, shared with all members of the Vyrocin faction, is what drives them to follow the deities such as Cheity, Xezrys, and Drundyn; although the god chosen to follow by any individual can vary based on their preference.

The main thing that separates the Vyrocin’s from the other factions is their willingness to work with others. While the majority of the time it doesn’t work, they tend to allow those seeking to enter their cities a chance to explain their purpose of visit. However, even if entry is given to a non-Vyrocin, they will be escorted and watched throughout their entire visit.

The Power Behind the RESUIN

The Resuin faction was initially created by the Atogmarah High Council’s Siopus members. Putting emphasis on the importance of strength and courage, they preferred to handle any problems possible with their fists. With little to no interest in resolving issues through discussion, the Resuin people quickly gained the reputation of being nothing more than a bunch of stupid brutes; however, this was far from accurate.

The courage that filled those that followed the path of the Resuin was grounded in their personal confidence. Knowing that they could overcome almost any challenge with their might and teamwork, they feared no obstacles. Be it a mighty foe or the structural build that is in constant need, they are the quickest ones to get the job done.

It is their might that also what makes them appear as mindless warriors. Ready to fight off anyone who challenges them doesn’t come off well with many citizens, but what the populace fails to recognize is that they do not initiate the challenges. They focus on building cities, trading goods, and mastering the art of their individual skills. All of the aspects that a Resuin would focus on can be dropped in a moments notice in order to accept the challenge that is presented to them.

Probably the least noticed aspect and one of their strongest is the Resuin’s ability to work together. Without any amount of practice or bond, they all seem to have a similar mindset for each task. Working together comes with ease to those who want the same outcome. This applies to battle, construction, and almost every other situation that life puts them in.

The Mysteries of the TRELYS

The Trelys faction was initially created by the Atogmarah High Council’s Minoseus members. Very little is truly known of the faction and their culture since members tend to keep to themselves. Only a few tomes of knowledge exist of their nature, those that have been secreted out by Siopus or Reyt philosophers, or graciously shared by Minoseus Trelys members.

One such gem of knowledge is their fond love for crafting, with abilities ranging from excavation to shaping of the various jewels. With this ability, Trelys cities tend to be shinier than the others as they use the various gems from the land to brighten and sparkle the streets or shops. They are also the leaders in providing jewelry, thanks to their skill in crafts, which can be purchased with or without any imbued powers.

Some can betimes be found meditating between ancient groves for past knowledge which is kept hidden from the other factions and with these meditations, sacred and mystical rituals are bound. These rituals have been whispered about, but one has yet to be witnessed. The only evidence of the rituals having been performed is the green glowing aura surrounding their bodies. It has yet to be discovered what this energy is, and what it is capable of, but as yet no one has been brave enough to ask for fear of the consequences.

Oprinom (Magic)

What is Oprinom and How it Powers Antreya

Oprinom, also known by its shorter name “Oprim,” can be found throughout the land of Antreya. Although it is everywhere and Antreyans use it every day, sometimes without even knowing it, there are many speculations on what this mysterious energy is. Our information is directly provided by the scholars that have been studying this energy since it was first discovered.

What is Oprinom?
Oprinom is the magical essence found within the crystals that cover our land. These crystals grow in sections of land called “Spirit Domain.” Each Domain differs in size, but can be spotted regardless of the terrain and tends to give an exaggerated version of the biome it resides in. It is the Oprim energy that is believed to be what gives the crystals life and ability to grow on any terrain.

Among the largest of Spirit Domain sections lies the rare, but incredibly resourceful Oprinom geysers. The sections of the Domains in which a geyser is formed is known as the “Spirit Sanctum.” Easily the least understood section of these Oprim fields, the geysers seem to expel pure energy in a marvelously dangerous way. It is highly recommended to avoid the geysers without an expert guiding you.

It has yet to be understood what initially plants the seed that makes the crystals grow, but no pod has ever been depleted. It is theorized that the pods come from an excess of magical energy gathered by a passing Spirit Beast due to an unnatural spike in the gravitational pull of a specific section of land. This has yet to be proven and is mostly refuted by the academics committee as it currently stands today.

How it Powers Antreya
Antreyans can draw from the crystals energy which then gives them the energy needed to harness the elemental abilities that are gifted to them by the god in which they have chosen to follow. The abilities are limited to the specific Antreyans physical strength, mental strength, and loyalty status with their chosen god.

The main use of Oprinom is the Antreyans ability to store energy. In aid of the energy that our bodies provide ourselves, the storing of Oprinom gives an edge to the heavy labor workers and general town folk as we all work together to rebuild our civilization. We may not be using it on many tasks, but it is the core energy that keeps us all powered through these tough days.

Aside from the personal use, Oprinom is used in many ways for each job. Construction workers use it to help seal bricks together, lift heavy objects, and more, while Guards often use the energy to create an extra layer of protection over themselves and anything of value they are protecting. Each job can use Oprinom to help make it easier, but it still must be managed as you wouldn’t want to drain what you have stored.

Spirit Beasts

The Different Stages of the Indigenous Spirit Beast

This book breaks down the three main stages of a Spirit Beasts life span. All knowledge presented in this Tome is directly from a kind Spirit Beast of Order names Bakkus who agreed to answer our questions.

When a new Spirit Beast is born, regardless of its species, it is referred to as ‘Feral.’ A Feral Spirit Beast has no conception of right or wrong, good or bad, nor friend or enemy. During this stage of their life, they are known to be hostile towards any creature that is not from their immediate family. Highly dangerous, it is strongly suggested that a safe distance of 30 meters is maintained and eye contact is never to be made.

The Feral stage of a Spirit Beasts life cycle can last anywhere from 80 to 250 years; depending upon the creatures ability to learn and adapt to the current Antreyan world. Once they reach maturity, the body will have undergone both physical and mental changes that show its true intentions; Order (good and wise) or Chaos (evil and strong).

Once a Spirit Beast has reached maturity and has grown to show that of its intentions, Order or Chaos, it is officially reached its Adult stage. This is the earliest stage in which an Antreyan may bond with the spirit beast.

A Spirit Beast of Order will show discipline, patience, and wisdom. They enjoy puzzling positions, provocative debates, meditating, and have a positive outlook on the world. For a Spirit Beast to be that of Order, their karma must reflect that of good intentions. While most will be fully on the side of Order, they may also reflect karma that is moreso Order than it is Chaos.

A Spirit Beast of Chaos will show selfishness, trickery, and aggression. They enjoy hunting prey of all kinds, destroying anything from the wilderness to Antreyan cities, solitude, and have a negative outlook on the world. For a Spirit Beast to be that of Chaos, their karma must reflect that is bad intentions. While most will be fully on the side of Chaos, they may also reflect karma that is moreso Chaos than it is Order.

The final stage a Spirit Beast can reach in its life cycle is that of an Elder Beast. At this point in its life, it is 1000 years old, if not older. Typically those that follow the path of Order reach this age as those following the path of Chaos tend to have gotten themselves killed in battle. However, there are many elders of Chaos and they should not be underestimated in power.

Much like Antreyans, a Spirit Beast will begin to change in color. For the majority, it is their hair and fur turning either white, silver, or gold. There is the possibility of them simply resembling a faded color from what they have had throughout their life.

What makes an elder differ from an adult is their lack of willingness to intervene when it is not urgently needed. While full of wisdom and willingness to share their knowledge, they are not likely to care if it helps or to help with any problems. Beware elders that followed the path of Chaos, however, for they still embed the emotions of malice and discontent.


An Understanding of What It Is, Its Effects and Gained Abilities

The power of Bonding is an act between an Antreyan within the Vyrocin mindset and a willing Spirit Beast. Once the two have bonded, their powers mend together and their minds become one. This is not a reversible process and it was first discovered when the leader of the Great Nine, Ryol, bonded with the dragon beast Lycrovyx in order to end the war between Antreyans and Spirit Beasts.

Along with the bonding process being irreversible, it can also only be done once per lifetime. No Antreyan nor Spirit Beast can physically and mentally handle being bonded to more than one partner. It has yet to be discovered if an Antreyan of a non-Vyrocin based mindset is capable of bonding, but as it stands it is impossible.

When a Spirit Beast and an Antreyan bond, many physical and mental aspects come into effect.

Both parties bodies with undergo changes that will cause the two to appear similar. This could be anything from horns growing, hair color changing, skin color and/or type changing, eye color and style shifting, and many other aspects.

The mending of minds is considered the hardest part. While the physical changes happen during the bonding process and had never been recorded to have been a painful process, the process to link the two minds takes time. This is where the link between the two grow the strongest it can be, but usually requires a week of rest together to properly settle.

When a bonding takes place, the relationship between the Spirit Beast and Antreyan develops as well. Whether this is a partnership, a friendship, or companionship is decided between the two. This typically settles during the mental bonding process.

Each party of the bonding with gain different abilities. While there are some abilities that only come to some, making each bonded pair unique from another, there is also a standard set of abilities that are always gained.
The standard abilities include:

– The Spirit Beast is able to change into the Antreyan form, remaining in their gender and bonded Antreyans race. This is the form they just take to speak to the majority of Antreyans.
– Both parties can use each other’s eyes to see, speak telepathically, and feel what each other feel emotionally and physically.

The more unique abilities can range from blended attack styles, the Antreyan gaining the ability to control the elements that their Spirit Beast can, the Antreyan gaining the ability to be invisible (usually at the cost of the Spirit Beast ability to do so), the Spirit Beast being able to temporarily control the actions of the Antreyan, and many more documented with countless options still unknown.

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